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Smart service, subscriptions

WeBeHome's Smart service lets you access your home wherever you are. There is a wide range of devices that can be connected. For example alarm sensors, switches, energy meters, temperature meter, cameras and much more.

All devices interacts regardless how they are connected.

There are powerful functions to handle event driven tasks, scheduled task, criteria based tasks and favorite tasks (scenarios).

Each location that is connected to our Smart service needs a subscription. Below is an overview of our subscriptions.

New customers get a 3 months Basic
subscription free of charge when register or purchase products.
If you want
the best.
Benefits every day
at a low price.
Watch and control wherever you are.

Price including VAT.
Paid for one year at a time.
9,90 EUR/month 4,90 EUR/month 0 EUR/month
Automatic renewal Optional Optional No
iPhone App Yes Yes Yes
Android App Yes Yes Yes
Web portal Yes Yes Yes
Alarm messages (Push in combination with SMS) 5000 pcs/year 500 pcs/year No
SMS messages(in addition to those included in the alarm message) 200 SMS per år No No
E-mail message Unlimted amount Unlimted amount No
Support Phone on office hours
and E-mail
E-mail No
Maximum number of connected devices. 300 60 20
Storage of events and readings. 90 days 30 days Max 24 hours
Centrally stored images when alarm, max 50 sequences/30 days Yes Yes No
Centrally stored images for any event, max 50 sequences/30 days Yes No No
View and change the status, switches, temperature etc. Yes Yes Yes
Installation and configuration via web including documentation Yes Yes Yes
Diagram for measurements Yes Yes No
Graphic daily view of all events Yes Yes No
Live camera via App and Web Yes Yes No
View centrally stored image sequences via Web Yes Yes No
API to retrieve information. 1000 req./24h 50 req./24h No
Alarm triggered Tasks Yes Yes No
Event triggered Tasks Yes Yes No
Scheduled Tasks Yes Yes No
Favorite Tasks (scenarios) Yes Yes No
Maximum number of users 100 20 4
Connection of smart alarm box
1 box 1 box 1 box
Connection of smart Home Gateway with Z-Wave 2 Gateways 1 Gateway 1 Gateway
Connection of network cameras 12 cameras 4 cameras No
Connection of Telldus Live 2 connections 1 connection No
Possiblity to several locations (requires subscription per location) Yes Yes Yes
Invite users from other customers as a guest users Yes Yes Yes

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