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2024-03-17 Updates, version 4.09.03

WeBeHome general
  • Change to a new Telldus API endpoint. We hope this will make the ingration to Telldus stable now./

2023-12-22 Updates, version 4.09.02

WeBeHome general
  • Change to new Telldus api

2022-12-12 Updates, version 4.09.01

WeBeHome general
  • Beta versioin of Imou camera integration.
  • Beta version of Google Assistant integration
  • Improved documentation for IFTTT integration
  • Improved IP-camera get picture functionallity with multiple attempts and less protocol sensitive
  • Minor improvements on web portal.
HG2 Gateway
  • Improved retransission handling of non responding nodes

2021-02-08 Updates, version 4.08.11

WeBeHome portal
  • Improved content on page Access that needs attention with Z-Wave devices that are offline.
  • Minor improvement on web portal user interface.
HG2 Gateway
  • Improved error handling for issues with bad communication
  • Radio signal flood warning whera an import messages is triggered if one accessory sends so frequent messages that it is risk of making the Z-Wave network instable

2020-10-30 Updates, version 4.08.10

  • New function in Event log to include events from properties for Z-Wave accessories.
  • Improved information and text for display Copenhagen Blinds postion and tilt in Event log.
  • Enable function "Add Unsecure" for Z-Wave devices to all installations.
  • Improvements and corrections of Customer API.

2020-10-02 Updates (version 4.08.09)

  • Minor general improvements of user interface.
  • Storage in event log of wakeup events from battery driven (non listening) Z-Wave accessories.
  • Storage in event log of polling of powered Z-Wave accessories (listening) as wakeup events
  • Correction of user interface for Z-Wave parameters.
Gateway HG2+ software version 030355
  • Correction of Z-wave inclusion of secured devices.
  • Improved handling of Z-Wave encrypted communication.
  • Additional logging of radio communicaton issues to event log.

2020-09-16 Updates

Gateway HG2+ software version 030351
  • Adding support for Z-Wave reset meter
  • Adding support and decoding of more Z-Wave Notifications messages
  • General corrections

2020-09-03 Updates (version 4.08.08)


Our IFTTT service is now released.

Using IFTTT can for example voice control your WeBeHome system using Google Assistand and Amazon Alexa

Read more and see examples here

The requirement to use IFTTT is that the installation have a BASIC, PREMIUM and Copenhagen Blind subscription.


2020-08-24 Updates(version 4.08.07), beta released 2020-08-12

  • Browser needs a Hard Refresh to make all functions work using CTRL + F5 on the web page
  • Show and control Color Switch in accessory list
  • Show and control Sound Switch in accessory list
  • Other minor changes and improvments
Gateway HG2+ beta version 030348
  • Adding support for Z-Wave Color Switch
  • Adding support for Z-Wave Sound Switch
  • Reporting of Z-Wave Application Buys messages
  • Reporting of additional events from Z-Wave notification CC
  • Improvements to avoid timeout during Z-Wave communcation in some condition
  • Improvements of handling of duplicate security messages due to routing
  • Correction to avoid hang/restart of gateway during certain conditions
  • General corrections

2020-06-05 Updates(version 4.08.06)

WeBeHome solution
  • User interface improvements; dimmer is now a slider instead of buttons etc.
  • Corrections: With full privacy settings some buttons in webshop did not work.
  • Message in WeBeHome Control app if subscription has expired.
Gateway HG2+ version 030344
  • Improvements of paring function.
  • Special handling of Schneider buttons.

2020-05-15 Updates(version 4.08.05)

WeBeHome solution
  • New function in Event driven action sets to enable to match on Data contents for Switch On, Switch Off and Dimmer events (e.g. filter on which endpoint a event was sent to).
  • New function with virtual endpoints in the Gateway that makes it possible to define and identify multi channel assocations from devices with several inputs (e.g. Schneider CONNECT 2 x buttons).
  • Improved userinterface in edit Action Sets.
  • Corrections for user interface in edit assocations for multi channel assocations.
Gateway HG2+ version 030340
  • Special function for Schneider CONNECT battery driven buttons that wake for a very short time.
  • Gateway has now support for virutal endpoints 001 to 004 and multi channel command class.
  • Corrections of multi channel associations.
  • Keep messages sent to battery driven devices even if they fail when devices stop responding. It will resend again when device do a wakeup or send a node information frame.
  • General improvements and corrections in communication handling with cloud solution.

2020-05-09 Updates(version 4.08.04)

WeBeHome solution
  • New function in edit Z-wave accessories to refresh(get) all configuration parameters from a accessories.
  • More information for Z-wave accessories regarding version and type of devices.
  • Improved colors and icons on accessory tab in web interface.
  • Updated documentation
WeBeHome Smart app
  • Corrections for Alert Time for doors/windows that had Alert Time disabled before migration to WeBeHome and got Alert Time -1 in WeBeHome.
Gateway HG2+
  • Improved functionallity to reduce battery consumption for Copenhagen Blinds that is accessible when installation has other Copenhagen Blinds that is not accessible.
  • Improved support for Qubino products
  • Correction for Central Scene version 3 slow refresh settings
  • Improved check if powered devices are alive

2020-04-09 Updates(version 4.08.03)

WeBeHome solution
  • Improved and corrected text information about radio signals and routing info in edit accessory.
  • Possiblity to add Z-wave configuration paramaters without any value which will trigger a request of the current value from the device.
  • New function for Z-wave accessories to request updated values on all configuration parameters that a device has.
  • Minor user interface improvements.
WeBeHome Smart app - Beta version
  • Corrections for update of locations settings including time zones for beta version of WeBeHome Smart app.
  • Possiblity to set alert when door/window open to 0 minutes for beta version of WeBeHome Smart app.

2020-04-03 Updates(version 4.08.02)

WeBeHome solution
  • Updated terms.
  • Added more supported devices for Qubino.
  • Corrections for webshop functionallity.
WeBeHome Smart app
  • Open doors and windows are shown on in list on status page.
  • Badges on App icon when getting push messages are removed.
  • Correction of long time open door/window push notification function.
  • Translation and text corrections.

2020-03-20 Updates(version 4.08.01)

WeBeHome solution
  • URL structure of public site is change to reflect language instead of country like /en /sv etc
  • Public site support Danish.
  • Webshop changes to enable sales and delivery of products to Denmark and Finland.
  • Design and functionallity improvements of webshop
  • Public site and webshop start to incorporate Copenhagen Blinds information and products.
  • Minor changes and correction in web portal
WeBeHome Smart app
  • Early beta version of app available att - feel free to test and give feedback

2020-03-05 Updates(version 4.07.04)

WeBeHome solution
  • Store RSSI (radio signal strength indicator) in event log for Z-wave devices for Gateway with version 2.
WeBeHome Smart app
  • For Gateways with version 2, the Edit accessory list and Edit accessoy page shows radio signal strenght info.
  • Email is changed to lowercase to make it case insensitive.
  • Remove failing devices functions works now.
WeBeHome Control app
  • Groups without accessories are also shown to enable groups within groups like 1st floor which then contain Livingroom, Kitchen etc.

2020-02-19 Updates(version 4.07.03)

  • New HG2 Gateway software released 030035 with improvements and corrections for Copenhagen Blind Wall Controller
  • Improved and corrected API for WeBeHome Smart App
  • Improved functions for WeBeHome Smart app
  • Improved translations

2020-02-14 Updates(version 4.07.02)

  • WeBeHome Smart app is released. Currenlty it targets Smart home and Copenhagen Blind installations. It does not yet have support for our security solution.
  • Corrections for the OpenAPIv2 and WeBeHome Smart app.
  • -Tilt work in Copenhagen Blinds group control
  • -The group non-grouped are not shown if it is empty
  • -Empty groups on top of a tab is only used to give name on the tab but is not shown, this makes it possible to set a group name like 1st Floor and then add rooms under that group.
  • -Remove of automations should be possible

2020-02-04 Updates(version 4.07.01)

  • First OpenAPIv2 version is published and will be used for the new WeBeHome Smart app functions.
  • Improved forgot password function.
  • On and Off events for Relay and XRM01 switches are logged as normal switches.
  • Correction of edit of actions for SMS and push messages to specific users.

2020-01-02 Updates(version 4.06.16)

  • When create a new location, the selected locations user permissions are copied to the new location instead of all the customers users
  • The timeout when getting camera images has been increased to reduce risk of getting timeout.

2019-11-14 Updates(version 4.06.15)

  • More improvents for Z-wave locks in the web user interface

2019-11-06 Updates(version 4.06.14)

  • Improved support for Z-wave locks in the web user interface
  • New functions to trigger on event data content for Lock and Unlock
  • Minor changes in accessory list formating

2019-11-01 Now we start with direct sales of products in Sweden. Click here to get to Products

2019-11-01 Updates(version 4.06.12)

  • Correction of how recording information is displayed in camera storage page
  • Changes to handle additional camera streams

2019-10-16 Updates(version 4.06.12)

  • Correction of how recording information is displayed in camera storage page
  • Changes to handle additional camera streams

2019-09-04 Updates(version 4.06.11)

  • Adding customer headers to http calls in ActionSets (beta)
  • Correction of login permission when create a user with role Neighbour and then change to another role

2019-09-02 Updates(version 4.06.10)

  • Changes to Telldus Live interface to handle new type of return data from Telldus that in some cases caused error.
  • Added function to set assocations on Z-Wave devices that had endpoints with own assocations
  • Improvment of the http action in ActionSets
  • Beta function to make Http call via ActionSets from Gateway HG2
  • Added documentation of permission per User Roles

2019-05-20 Updates(version 4.06.09)

  • Added info on Alarmbox and Home Gateway about connected from public IP
  • Changed image when no camera image is available
  • Hide beta test functions Heating Zone Tasks and Auto Light Control Tasks
  • Update of Frensh translations

2019-05-02 Updates(version 4.06.08)

  • A new version of Android app is released. Main change is move push messages from google cloud messaging to firebase.
  • A new version of IOS app is released. Main change is adjustment to iPhoneX screen layout
  • The new app version show partial armed zones (91 to 99) on main page with status and control buttons.

2019-03-05 Updates(version 4.06.07)

  • Changes to encourage browser password manager to request storage of login information
  • Changes to try to avoid browser password manager to auto fill fields in user administration
  • Changes to clean and prevent user from entering characters in Action Set description and Accessory description that could cause rendering issues in the App
  • Remove storage of passwords in cookies

2019-02-28 Updates(version 4.06.06)

  • Improvements in user admin for user that dont have Super User role
  • New user role: API access only which can be used to access the webapi.aspx but not get any access when logged in
  • Change to AccuWeather weather service for those with Premium subscriptions
  • Change to allow configuration param 0 with Z-Wave devices
  • Change to make it possible to use IFTTT webhooks to call both webapi.aspx and login.aspx
  • Change in Time Triggered ActionsSet, if it is enabled and the next run date was more than 1 hour ago it will not start
  • Correction - State check based on Alarm status did not work during certain conditions
  • Correction - Clear battery level for alarm devices when low battery flag is cleared

2018-10-23 Updates(version 4.06.05)

  • Updates in OpenAPI with function for Disarm, ArmAway and ArmHome
  • Correction if questions IsSunUp and IsSunSet in ActionSet for timezones far from UTC time
  • Improved browser check to avoid message on Google Chrome on IOS12

2018-10-08 Update of web portal (version 4.06.04)

  • Correction of state handling in Action Sets - now it should work also for new devices added.
  • Updated French and Swedish translations.

2018-08-15 Update of web portal (version 4.06.03)

  • Added new questions i ActionSets: Is it On? and Is it off?.

2018-08-06 Update of web portal (version 4.06.02)

  • Correction: Save of Alarm Action Set.
  • Correction: No of minutes after start in Actions are updated correct.
  • Correction: Was long response time of web site if stored camera image had been deleted.
  • Correction: Negative 1 byte z-wave configuration parameters was shown as a positive value.

2018-05-22 Update of web portal (version 4.06.01)

  • Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Changes to comply with GDPR
  • Function to remove a Location
  • Simple HTTPS API functin to start a scenario using for example<1235>&Action=startScenario&ScenarioID=123045
  • Flic buttons works with the improved HTTPS APIS function to start scenarios
  • HTTP API to enable external events to virtual readings devices which can for example be used to set integrate with external measurements. URL and more info in Edit page on virutal reading devices in WeBeHome.
  • HTTP API to enable external events to cameras which can for example be used to set up cameras to trigger HTTP events which then can trigger a motion even in WeBeHome for the camera. URL and more info in Edit page on cameras in WeBeHome.
  • Support for Virtual reading devices. That is a device with readings that can be used to store information from external sources or to be used for store calculation and other information.
  • Option to have individual text on Push, SMS, Email and Alarm messages that override the default text which is the description of the Acion Set
  • Trigger in Event driven Action Sets when User login first time on a device or on the web portal
  • Show who changed operation status of partial armed zones 91 to 99 in WeBeHome App
  • Possible to group/relate Event and Timer driven ActionSets to a Group
  • Improved logging of user login information
  • Improved formating of mail messages from Action Sets.
  • Correction for save Fibaro Dimmer2, endpoint 2
  • Other general improvements

2017-12-08 Update of web portal (version 4.05.03)

  • Added documtation page with a collection of key documents.
  • Updated documentation about Action Sets
  • Added function to trigger Event Triggered Action Set based on Clear status.
  • Updated Terms of Service handling
  • Correction of edit Actions Set where question about Relation to questions was always shown.
  • Correction to enable group 80 for keypad KP-3S

2017-12-07 Old environment closed

We migrated to a new cloud enviroment several years ago and now we will close down the last service that we keep running in the old enviroment. That means that customers who had used a fixed IP to the old enviromen in their Alarmbox network configurations instead of a DNS name needs to update their settings in order to have the Alarmbox connected.

2017-11-01- Update of web portal (version 4.05.02)

  • New function in Action Sets (Alarm, Event, Scheduled and Scenario) to set Thermostat Mode
  • Now also camera recording using private certificated is now accepted
  • Correction for Telldus Live integration when adding/removing Telldus Live modules

2017-10-20 - Update of web portal (version 4.05.01)

  • New design of menu and some other parts in the web portal
  • Camera view now only via HTTP/HTTPS proxy. This means all images are proxied via WeBeHome to increase Security and simply camera installation.
  • Camera view via HTTPS proxy using private certificated is now accepted
  • Updated camera installation guide
  • Support for Camera D-Link DCS-2132L

2017-10-13 - Update of web portal (version 4.04.04)

  • Minimote Scenario Scene function now directly related to a Scene no instead of a Scenario
  • Minor bugg fixes

2017-10-11 - WeBeHome now only sell products via resellers/partners

We will now focusing mainly lon our WeBeHome cloud service. The direct sales of products that has been done in Sweden is now handled by a reseller also in Sweden. Our target is to let specialist in consumer sales and logistics handle the products to give us more time to develop our cloud service.

2017-10-12 - Update of web portal (version 4.04.03)

  • Scenarios are sorted by description in the WeBeHome App and shown before devices
  • Correction of Thermostat Modes (for example for HeatIT and RemotecIR) - reboot gateway should make it possible to select Thermostat mode now
  • Made it possible to login with in the WeBeHome App for user that has a login name that includes a + (plus sign)
  • Trigger a Scenario direct via a Z-Wave Central Scene no will be removed - instead if is possible to use an Event driven task

2017-09-25 - Update of web portal (version 4.04.03) and Gateway software (version 030305)

  • Scenarios are sorted by description in the WeBeHome App and shown before devices
  • Correction of Thermostat Modes (for example for HeatIT and RemotecIR) - reboot gateway should make it possible to select Thermostat mode now
  • Made it possible to login with in the WeBeHome App for user that has a login name that includes a + (plus sign)
  • Trigger a Scenario direct via a Z-Wave Central Scene no will be removed - instead if is possible to use an Event driven task

2017-09-04 - Update of web portal (version 4.04.02) and Gateway software (version 030302)

  • Beta version for Home Gateway HG2, version 030302 for handling Danfoss Setback functions
  • Beta version of Auto Light Control which use Light sensor to auto control tilt of blinds (english only)
  • Beta version of Heating Zones which control Thermostats based on temperature sensor and door/windows sensors (english only)
  • Beta version of CompareIT integration
  • General improvements and corrections

2017-06-27 - New Gateway software (version 030301)

  • New Z-Wave+ certified software for our Home Gateway HG2

2017-05-30 - Update of web portal (version 4.03.01)

  • Z-Wave Plus changes
  • Corrections for camera views

2017-05-18 - Update of web portal (version 4.03.00)

  • New command to LS-30/LS-20/LS-10 i Action Set to trigger an Burglar Alarm via SensorIn1 which can be used to trigger Siren in LS-30/LS-20/LS-10 manually or from Z-Wave accessories.

  • Changes and new functions to comply with Z-Wave+ certification of Home Gateway

  • New function to capture Central Scene Notifications in Event Triggered Actions set to make it work with Z-Wave devices like AeonLabs Wallmote ZW-130, Scene Master ZRC-90 and Fibaro Button
  • Scenario No function in Scenario that could be used to relate Z-Wave Central Scene Notifications are obsolete and will soon be removed.

  • Show status info about accessory in Edit accessory page.
  • New function to add own parameters for Z-Wave accessories.
  • Improved association function in Z-Wave accessory settings.
  • Improved list function when adding Z-Wave accesories.
  • Corrections

2017-02-13 - Update of web portal (version 4.02.02)

  • Changes for Z-Wave plus support, for example Z-Wave Plus accessories has a Z-Wave Plus logo in accessory list
  • Icon in accessory list to show in a Z-Wave device support Security and if it is added Secure
  • Icon in accessory list to show if the interview process of a Z-Wave deviceis not ready
  • New function to change own description of ActionSet in ActionSet
  • Long Time Open Triggers and Alerts for partner applications
  • Corrections

2016-12-19 - Update of web portal (version 4.02.01)

  • Securitas service is ready to order; alarms are forwared to Securitas monitoring station including guard service
  • New Action for Thermostats so the Setpoint can be set from ActionSets
  • Image of user can be stored
  • Changes so weather pictures are shown again for PREMIUM subscriptions (was removed after change that our supplied did)
  • More information shown in accessory configuration for Z-Wave devices

  • Operation status change date (and some more dates) now use Today, Yesterday etc when possible
  • Correction: Operation status in App was always in Swedish since last version
  • Weather data from Locations with PREMIUM subscriptions including current condition, temperature and humidity
  • Map functionality in Location to enable set of correct position (which is used for Weather data and Sun rise/Sun set Action Sets)
  • New and improved user interface for administration of Users
  • Button in Web interface for powered Z-Wave devices to fetch new values from the device
  • New and improved Forgot password function
  • Correction: Decimal handling in Event log for some languages
  • Correction: Decimal handling in App for some languages
  • Correction: Hidden cameras was shown in App
  • Correction: Scrolling in App view in Web was not correct
  • Minor changes and bug fixes
  • New subscription type for smart home installations named START
  • New main user interface in web portal
  • New and improved graph module
  • New view, App look alike view
  • New view, Devices that need attention
  • Function to add new Location from Customer page
  • Max time limit after ActionSet started changed from 240 to 1380 minutes
  • Added event when Z-Wave device loose RF contact
  • Correction so hidden cameras dont show in camera view
  • Improved user interface for maintain User
  • Improved user interface for maintain Location
  • Improved user interface for maintain Customer
  • Improved user interface for maintain Groups
  • Improved user interface and corrections for Camera view
  • Improved user interface for Event logg
  • Country and TimeZone settings moved from Customer to Location
  • Language settings moved from Customer to User
  • On/Off and Dim buttons in web interface has changed position (ON to the right) to match the App
  • If a Telldus Live switch fail, part of the original error message is included in the event
  • Correction: Telldus Live Switch/Dimmer status now updated when controlled by Action Sets
  • Correction: Show correct operation mode when no alarm unit connected
  • Correction: Corretions of settings for wired sensors
  • Corrections of Flag Stored Camera Sequences
  • New software version to Z-Wave gateway with:
  • -Improved connection keep alive handling
  • -Reporting of all sensor types when adding and restarting gateway
  • -Corrections
  • Upgrade of ASP.NET environment to version 4.5
  • Preparations for new JSON based Open API
  • Improved logic to create Z-Wave devices and their properties
  • Corrections
  • Z-Wave Thermostat Setpoint command class functionallity added
  • -Set temp in web app
  • -Set temp in Tasks
  • -View temp in App
  • Support for Danfoss Living Connect Thermostat
  • Multi Channel Association command class functionallity added
  • Update of nomenclature related Tasks, eg Task are now named Action Sets, Favorites are named Scene etc
  • Option lists in Scenes, possiblity to group Scene where one is the active one
  • Functionallity for LS-10/LS-20
  • Function to change master PIN code using Web interface
  • Last working route shown in device setting for Z-Wave devices
  • Improved watchdog functionallity in HG2
  • Changed usage of LED lamps in HG2
  • Improved check in HG2 if Z-Wave are alive and accessible
  • Correction in HG2, send info to cloud when device goes from offline to online
  • Correction in cloud, request to change switch updated last received date which it should not
  • Only DISARM and CLEAR stops sendind alarm messages (it not enough to just open the App anymore)
  • New user interface in edit TASK actions
  • A lot of new functions for TASK actions
  • -Steps; divide tasks in logical sections
  • -Calculations
  • -Variable handling in Tasks
  • -New questions; Is Sun up, Is Sun Down
  • -Flow control, Goto and End
  • -Conditions and time after start in Favorites
  • Virtual devices where values are entered manually, updated from Tasks or via API
  • Possible to enter partner web adress on partner user template
  • Device settings divided into General, Settings and Advanced
  • Correction in Request permssion from App
  • Logic to make it when adding new products that only show valid selections
  • Association managment in device settings for Z-Wave devices
  • New paring logic to Home Gateway using MAC LAN address
  • New software for Home Gateway HG2 with Z-Wave improvements
  • Changed usage of LED indicators on Home Gateway and removed possiblity to control front LED
  • Readings from a device is only stored and handled if they are different from last reading (new info 2015-01-25)
  • Changed and improved layout of device list in Web
  • Performance improvements for new App
  • Storage and viewing of two events per device, last event that changed the value of a device and last important event
  • Last important event is cleared when pressing the Clear button on Web or App
  • Functions needed for App ver 3.1
  • Correction: Invite function in new App, did not set any permission before
  • Correction: Change of group number for Z-Wave devices with properties did not change the group no for the properties
  • New WeBeHome software for Home Gateway 020508, including:
  • -Improved network topology update (rebuild routing tables)
  • -Improved timeout handling when communiation failed due to disconnected/sleeping devices
  • -Corrections
  • New WeBeHome software for Home Gateway 020499
  • Improvements and corrections in User Maintenance
  • Improvements and corrections in Device Settings
  • Correction of permission check to start Favorite in App ver 3
  • Sage Glass Network Module for testusers
  • New firmware for Home Gateway HG2 010103
  • New firmware for Home Gateway HG2 010103
  • New WeBeHome software for Home Gateway 020487
  • New functionallity to show neighboors and associations in device settings for Z-Wave devices
  • New functionallity to request a complete device update from Z-Wave device
  • Improvements on 24h/Daily View page
  • Improvements in device selection critiera for charts
  • Corrections to enable Remove of camera and LS-30 devices
  • Correction to enable open of documentation for LS-30 devices
  • Added a 'Update all device info' button on Z-Wave device configuration
  • Improved add new gateway process
  • Correction of group no setting for KP-3S
  • Correction of documentation link for LED light on Gateway
  • Removal of configuration paramters on Z-wave nodes with endpoints
  • Change of TimeZone definitions
  • Major change in webshop which is now responsive to enable use in Smart phones
  • Correction of langauge handling in Add and Change device
  • Small design and functionallity improvements in several places
  • Correction of return value in CustomerAPI when getting status and having a Telldus Live
  • Correction of device settings for properties for Z-Wave devices
  • Change of package handling in integration to web shop
  • New fields and functionallity in device settings
  • New functionallity to enable Z-Wave devices to be Alarm devices
  • New functionallity for settings on properties for Z-Wave devices
  • Improvement/correction of Invite New User
  • New functionallity for Smart Phone App version 3.0
  • New page layout and functionallity for adding devices
  • New page layout and functionallity for device settings
  • New configuration functionallity for Home Gateway HG2
  • Improved design in devlice list page
  • Smaller changes and corrections
  • Adding if Role in Invite user
  • Correction of Invite user for customers with multiple Locations
  • Changes or role defintions for Neighbours so they can update their contact information
  • New functionallity for Smart Phone App version 3.0
  • Adding shade pulse functionallity for Pellini development tests
  • Changes to make public site more responsive
  • Change to show Z-Wave devices with multiple endpoints as separated devices
  • Change to avoid protocol error for certain camera makes
  • Correction when adding 2:nd base unit
  • Corrections of actions for moving shades
  • Improved list of camera recordings event
  • Correction of count of recordings in camera archive
  • Shows operation status in 24h view even if the last change of operation status was earlier than the last event stored
  • Improved and simplied user managament
  • New simpler invite user function
  • Request permission and Inviate user handling functionallity to prepare for App version 3.0
  • Correction of web page country selection when logging out or going to webshop from web portal
  • Correction of 24h view to display operation mode color more than 30 days since change operation took place
  • Improvments and corrections of user mainteance handling
  • New functions for beta of Version 3 App
  • Improvements of functionallity when adding a new alarm base unit
  • Changes to handle some special issues with Google Chrome and Firefox
  • Improved default country selection handling
  • Shows CustomerID and LocationID in device list view
  • When adding new users for customers with more than one location, the user gets default that each location is set as Not logged in
  • Correction of syncronication of user information when adding new users to existing customers
  • Permission to camera is aligned with content of the Subscription that is active
  • Correction or problem to make orders after failed login
  • Change to Z-Wave CentralSceneNotificationCommand to start favorites
  • Correction of styling of Device list
  • Correction lower/uppercase letters in LoginName when check for duplicates during saving users
  • User interface correction for Switch in tasks
  • Change styling of device list values, now right aligned
  • Camera view now always use central proxy to avoid problems in some browsers when mixing secure and unsecure content
  • New API functions for App version 3.0
  • User interface correction for Firefox
  • Correction if open camera config user interface from Live view page
  • Correction of save a user
  • Correction so correct value of Icon display type is shown
  • Correction of design & stylesheets
  • Replaced cogwheel icon with click on the row on device lists items
  • New and improved icons in the device list
  • New device specific fields in configuration of devices
  • Adjustments for configuration of devices for LS-10
  • New default values for some devices
  • Configuration of buttons of Aeonlabs Z-Wave Minimote
  • Changed from SMS to Alarm Msg in all Alarm Tasks
  • Correction of permission to Alarm in relation to subscription level
  • Added selection of type of Icons on start page on user level for the comming App version 3.0
  • Correction of link devices and between High/Low value event
  • Correction of checkout procedure for Greece, Cyprus and Colombia
  • Correction to get buttons to work in Firefox
  • Alarm and Event driven tasks, valid from and to time can go past midnight
  • Buttons in Alarm Tasks and Event Tasks to update/create Default Tasks
  • Correction of process to add Telldus Live devices
  • Correction of user selection for SMS and Alarm messages in maintenance of Tasks
  • Correction of maitenance of Tasks
  • Correction of date format in flagging of camera images when using date picker
  • Support for Z-Wave and WeBeHome Home Gateway with Z-wave
  • New Action - Alarm Message which sends Push, within 1 minute sends an SMS if no user has responded on Push, then send Push once every minute for 30 minutes unless somereacts to the alarm and opens the App
  • Improved user interface for maintenance of Tasks
  • Event triggered Actions divided into Alarm Tasks and Event Triggered Tasks
  • New method to record camera images by letting our server upload images direclty from cameras.
  • New Action for Tasks which record images from IP cameras.
  • Camera and flagged archive now can show recordings from all cameras instead of just the selected one
  • Possible to enter negative values for CHECK of measurements
  • And many other smaller changes
  • Correction when saving RC-3, KP-3S, KP-2 for parameter Delay alarm activation. Setting is now saved correct.
  • Correction of 24h view when no items to show, gives now a message
  • Correction of 24h view when Sub Unit without data, now displays empty row instead of no row
  • Time driven actions can now be related to Sunrise or Sunset
  • Nearest city field on Base Unit to know find out the longitude and latitude when calculating sunrise and sunset
  • All cities with more than 5000 inhabitats loaded to get longitude and latitude (about 45 000)
  • New functions and layout for event driven actions, time driven actions and scenario with:
  • -Events are collapsed as default
  • -Scheduled events are sorted in next time to be run
  • -Deactivatd events are shown at the bottom
  • -Green play button to show active actions, and stop button to show deactivated actions. It was the other way around before
  • -More logical handling and display when adding Customer common Event driven actions
  • Changed to use decimals in all readings
  • Updated online documentation for cameras
  • Correction of help button in Device list for cameras
  • Online documentation when connecting for first time
  • Removal the use of a code for adding new base units
  • Correction of switch status display in Devices list and Camera Single view
  • New web interface for cameras
  • - Using same new technique as iPhone and Android to get and show images
  • - Multi camera view that shows all available cameras
  • - Single camera view has 3 favorite devices below image
  • - Function to remove Flag from flagged image sequences
  • - Magnify butto which open a separate web window direct to camera
  • Small improvements of maintain Base Unit page
  • Correction so the please wait message stops when pressing Siren/Relay test in Add new device page
  • Message to user of old iPhone/Android App that it is time to upgrade
  • New message type "Include information" for Event driven actions, Time driven actions and Scenarios
  • Several new CHECKS in Event driven and Time driven actions:
  • -Is value higher than
  • -Is value lower than
  • -Did last reading get higher than
  • -Did last reading get lower than
  • -More increase than (within given timeframe)
  • -More decrease than (within given timeframe)
  • New option for default start page: Device list
  • Improved display of disabled devices and devices that lost contact
  • Added new functions to Customer Web API
  • -Headings=yes/no; Include or exclude headings in result
  • -GetSubUnitStatus, SubUnitID; possiblity to get a specific device
  • -GetSubUnitStatus, Minimize; only get Descr, LastSignal, ReadingUpdated and OperationStatus
  • Correction of event driven events and selected weekdays
  • Android App version 2.0 released with the following new functionallity:
  • - Improved user interface
  • - Remote control of dimmers
  • - Control of scenarios
  • - Control of separate alarm groups 91 to 99
  • - Possibility to add favorite devices on the start page
  • - Possibility to add 3 favorite devices per camera below the camera image
  • - Multi camera view with up to 8 cameras at the same time
  • - Camera proxy
  • - Paging between charts
  • - Change time interval on charts
  • - Page back and forward in time on 24h view
  • Improved layout and performance of 24h view
  • Adjusted labels of Graphs for smart phones with lower screen resolution
  • Correction, event driven actions did work for OPEN subscriptions but it should not work
  • Android App beta 2 released, example of new functions:
  • -pull down to refresh
  • -show prev and next group in chart
  • -chart direct from main page
  • -removed caching of images
  • Download with this link
  • Group name as a header is added to chart legend
  • Correction of maintenance to prevent saving Time driven events without connection to a Base Unit
  • New features in 24h view. Group rows with alarm status and alarm status shown for separate groups 91 to 99.
  • Correction of Commands to BaseUnit so also separate groups 91 to 99 are shown even if they don't have been given a name
  • Correction of Telldus Live function for customers with more than one Tellstick device
  • Correction of Chart function for Android Beta App
  • Correction of Event Driven and Time Driven Checks on Wire Sensor inputs
  • Status and config page merged to one page to make it easier for users
  • Now possible to make Event driven actions based on wired sensor input
  • Start of Event driven actions are logged
  • Start of Time driven actions are logged
  • Correction of messages for buttons in Maintenance of Telldus Live page
  • Correction of functionallity for actions with CHECKS
  • Correction of last recived event shown in Device list
  • Released Android App beta1, download from
  • New selection on all devices if it should be shown on Android App main page
  • Added support for new Android App (currenlty beta1)
  • Improved functionallity for 24 h view to new Android App
  • Made it easier to connect a new base unit without code
  • When login and without any devices added, add device page is opened as start page
  • Correction of Support button, it did not send the messages is some cases
  • Correction of valid operation mode Home and Away in Event driven and Time drive actions
  • Improved user interface for action details
  • Improved logging of switch events
  • Maintenance of SensorIn/AUX2, correction for save and remove functions
  • The Graph in iPhone and Android is shown using the users default settings for the graph
  • The Graph included the last read value in the label
  • Date and time for Switches in Status view is removed in iPhone and Android Apps
  • Added tooltip on Status view
  • Added status and open/close time on wired senors
  • Correction of setting end date/time in 24 hour view.
  • Improved graphics in 24h view.
  • Improved translation for Swedish, German and Greece.
  • Correction of date check in maintenance for time driven events.
  • Enable adding of wired sensors automatic on open/close of wire.
  • iPad adjusted layout for user maintenance.
  • Remove group and unit no from Status views
  • Inverted logic for switch and alarm buttons transparancy so non active selections are partly transparent.
  • Improved design of icons for signal strenght and switch buttons
  • Improved Greece translation
  • Added Group 0 for wired senors and warning if Group 0 is not used for those
  • Display of camera view for countries that did not have the public web pages active
  • Improvment and correction of user maintenace and Guest invitation handling
  • Added Demo user functionallity for partners
  • Correction of view permission for Scenarion and Time Driven events
  • Correction of time driven events that used weekdays
  • Quick Arm from KP-3S keypay is now shown in the 24 hour daily view
  • Display of date is removed in chart when display interval is 1 day
  • New device - Wireless Fire Call Point TX-3DS-CP is added
Improvements in maintenance of time driven actions.
Correction of the add and maintain Telldus Live function.
Improved English texts and better translation to Swedish. Some small corrections in user administration.
Major changes including:
  • New user interface for the web service
  • Remote control of switches via Telldus Live / Tellstick Net.
  • Improved and powerful functions for event driven and time driven actions
  • A new scenario module
  • Handling of wired devices the same way wireless devices are handled
  • New configuration options for the Base Unit
  • Clear button clear Test events etc