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Showcased below are a couple of screenshots to give you a first impression of all possibilities that WeBeHome can offer

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

The WeBeHome App

Regardless as to where you are, you can always check on your homes current status through the app. It's also very easy to arm and disarm from the app.

In the app you can see all of your accessories and their current statuses as well as controlling them and more.

There is a control panel on the main page from which you have access to the different components in the system.

From here you can see all of your favourite accessories and scenarios. Your other accessories will be divided into custom made groups and can be accessed by swiping left.

WeBeHome App, main page


WeBeHome Alarm messages

There are several ways of being alerted. For example, all users will be notified if an alarm is triggered. A combination of push notifications and sms will be sent out in order to make sure that all users are alerted.

You can be alerted by alarm messages(push+sms), sms, push notifications and or email. There is information in the description as to what is included in each subscription.

You can also customize how and when you want to be notified. You can create your own or edit the ones that already exist, like the examples down below which showcase that a push notification will be is sent every time someone arms away or disarms. All and all to make it as convenient and safe for you as possibly.

WeBeHome - Notifications2
WeBeHome - Notifications3

Tablet users

The tablets size enables view of several groups at the same time. This is not only convenient but also quick and effective.

For users with large groups, large amounts of accessories and or those who want to get the most out of the system using a tablet is highly recommended.

The WeBeHome iPad view
WeBeHome - Camera live in your phone

Live view from the camera

You can use several cameras at once from which you can see through the app live.

Below you see an example of an outdoor camera placed by the entrance. A motion sensor can be triggered to send a push notification and record image sequences if someone is at the door.

You can connect up to 3 accessories to each camera that you can also control through the camera view. For example, a magnetic sensor for the door and outdoor lighting


You can easily add locations such as your cottage, parents house and the office.

Without switching accounts you can switch between the locations without a drop of sweat.

WeBeHome - Multi locations
WeBeHome - Invite users

Inviting users

Inviting users is easy. Simply enter their email and what role you want them to have and there your have it.

There are different roles in order to fit different people in your life. Such as, User, Superuser, Child and Neighbour etc. Each role has different limitations.

For example are Neighbours notified when an alarm is triggered but they don't have access to your home.

If your parents are already part of the WeBeHome family, you can invite them and they will receive access to your home through their smartphone and the WeBeHome app.

My Pages

My Pages on the web have everything the app has and more.

Certain nation specified standard settings are implemented when setting up your home. You can later on, if you like, customize them to the way you want them be.

This gives you an easy way of setting up your home as well as giving you unique opportunities to control and automate your home.

WeBeHome - My pages, web portal


My pages have a powerful camera management module. There to see all cameras live with smaller images, or select an image in high resolution

Users with BASIC and PREMIUM subscriptions have the ability to record image sequences each time an alarm is triggered.These are stored with us and are accessible through My Pages.

Saved images are store up to 30 days/50 image sequences. You can also tag images in order to save them to a point of your choosing.

WeBeHome - Camera live view and recording


Data is presented in neat diagrams. The diagram down below shows temperature and humidity data. You can see how the temperature increases as the humidity decreases.

You can also trigger action sets based on data. For example, you can set a switch to turn on if the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius or turn off if the temperature rises above 20.

Data can be uses to indicate risk of mould or water leaks in the basement or your cottage.

WeBeHome - Charts


WeBeHome supports several modules that all can connect to different accessories.

A module is the alarm communicating with up to 288 accessories through the wireless alarm protocol.

There is another type of module, called the Z-wave module. Which can handle up to 232 smart home accessories through the wireless alarm protocol.

The Telldus live module makes it possible to connect a Tellstick Net in order to control a switch and other types of accessories that use 433Mhz


Alarm messages

When setting up there are some customary alarm action sets that as displayed down below.

Alarm messages is a unique type of messages that starts with sending push notifications to users with push notifications active.

Users who don't have push notifications active will instead receive a text message (SMS). If the alarm hasn't been disarmed or cleared within roughly a minute, a text message (SMS) will be sent to the user who got the orignal push notification.

If no one still hasn't changed the alarm status within 2 minutes recurring push notifications will be sent every minute up to 15 minutes.

Vill du ha andra typer av åtgärder kan du själva anpassa och lägga upp flera åtgärder efter önskemål.

Alarm action sets are available to subscribers with BASIC and PREMIUM subscriptions.

Alarm messages

Event triggered Action Sets

Event triggered action sets offer great opportunities of receiving information on specific events as well as allowing you to automating your lifestyle.

For example, you can start an action based on when the alarm is turned on, when a door opens, when a light turns on and much more.

Another example which is displayed below is that of a push notification can be sent to everyone who is a superuser when the door has been open for longer than a minute.

There are a handful of powerful features that allow you to determine terms, calculations and flow control.

Now it's also possible to make the system do all the work for you so your home is always under supervision and so you can automate it as you like.

Event triggered action sets are available to subscribers with BASIC, START and PREMIUM subscriptions.

Event triggered Action sets

Timer triggered Action Sets

Timer triggered action sets are an effective way of automating and securing your home.

As the examples show, automating your home to arming and disarming is a great way of making sure that your house is armed when it needs to and minimizing the risk of false alarms.

You can also use the sun as a timer as to when you want an action to start or stop, for example the outdoor lights turns on at sunset.

To scare off potential burglars by giving them the false belief of that you are home, you can use the random time span option. This means for example automated lights won't turn on/off at the exact same everyday, but will do so within a giving time span.

Timer triggered action sets are available to subscribers with BASIC, START and PREMIUM subscriptions.

Scheduled Action sets


Scenarios can be used to do several things with the click of a button. For example can a Scenario pull up all shades, by starting that specific Scenario with a click of a button in the App or the web.

The same powerful features for terms, calculations and flow as the other action sets enables much more than just a simple scenario.

For example, you can create a scenario that handles the automated ventilation system based on date, automated sun protection and much more.


Adding accessories

We believe that adding new accessories should be easy and that the accessories should be well made so that you as a customer will be satisfied.

When adding a new accessory, you simply choose from the list of our supported accessories and instructions for you to follow will pop up in the next screen.

As the accessory has been successfully added the cofiguration page for that accessory appears. From there you can name it and alter it after your needs.

Even Z-Wave accessories that we haven't tested are easily added, but won't have an instruction for you to follow.

Adding accessories Adding accessories Adding accessories