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WeBeHome Works with:

Smart sun shading with Copenhagen Blinds

Copenhagen Blinds with the Nordic design. Here's how you can create the right mood - whether it is with the light and elegant white blinds - or whether it should be more pronounced with the black blinds.

You can control them from your mobile, whether you're at home on the couch or on vacation. That way, the electric blinds can create light and shade, ensure a nice indoor climate and even simulate activity in the home if the family is not home.

  • You can set the electric blinds to match your daily rhythm so that they open up in the morning and close when bedtime.
  • You can tilt them in wanted angle when watching movies.
  • You can equip the blinds with one sun sensor, so that they shut down and protect furniture, rugs and art if the sun shines directly into the room.
  • You can tilt them in a desired angle so they help keep a comfortable temperature in your home.
Copenhagen Blinds

Elitfönster's smart window and door handles

Discover Elitefönster's product family Comfort - smart, connected products for your home. With WeBeHome's app, you can quickly and easily find out which windows and doors are closed or open, check the temperature indoors or on and turn off your lights. Wherever you are.

Elitfönsters Komfort Box is the same box as WeBeHome Gateway HG2 and is connected to WeBeHome. This means that all e.g. Elitfönster's Smart Handles, all WeBeHome's Z-Wave products and other Z-Wave compatible products work with the Gateway.

Z-Wave connects.

Z-Wave is a wireless technology that allows common household products, such as lights, locks and thermostats to be "smart". Z-Wave products "communicate" with each other wirelessly, securely and can be accessed as well as controlled through your phone, tablet or computer.

By using a Z-Wave gateway you can connect to and control the things inside your house whether you're at home or when you are away. Currently there are almost 1000 different Z-Wave products that all work together so you can choose the products that are right for your home.

Z-Wave is a technique that requires little energy. Many Z-Wave devices are battery powered. Z-Wave is also self routing, i.e. powered devices act like a router of radio signals to ensure that the signals arrive. If a device has a bad radio connection, it is possible to place a powered Z-Wave device somewhere between the devices and the gateway and the radio connection will be improved.

Z-Wave by WeBeHome

Integrated with IFTTT

IFTTT is a free service to get things work together. It can make WeBeHome and Copenhagen Blinds work together with Google Home and Alexa so you can voice control your home

Read more about Voice control, IFTTT, Google Assistant and Amazone Alexa

Click here to get more information and step by step guides!

Telldus Live

Telldus Technologies have developed a product named Tellstick that control wireless 433.92 Mhz switches. The most interesting is that they can control a wide range of switches from different vendors, such Nexa.

We have a integration to their service Telldus Live which makes it possible to control switches, dimmers and shades that are connected to a Tellstick. Their product TellStick Net is a network based product that connected to Telldus Live without needing a local computer.

This means that you can control 433,92 Mhz switches via Telldus Live from our iPhone and Android Apps and the Web portal. In addition, the switches can be controlled by events, according to a schedule, or by scenarios.

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Alarm system from WeBeHome / Scientech

We have a separate Alarm Box that uses its own wireless alarm protocol to communicate with alarm sensors.

The advantages of having different systems for alarm and other types of smart home devices is that the alarm function is more critical. For example, it needs to work even in the event of a power failure and communication with sensors must not be disturbed by, for example, signals from lamps, meters etc. In addition, it is certified according to European standards for wireless alarms EN-50131-1 grade 2.

All sensors and relays connected to the base unit can be used in our smart solution, for example, a motion detector can turn on Z-wave controlled lighting.

If you have an HG2 Gateway, it is possible to connect it directly to the HG2 with a USB cable and then no separate network connection from the Alarm Box is required.

Securitas with Guards and Central Monitor Station

Med hjälp av Securitas larmcentral kan man som kund känna sig trygg med att veta att verksamheten är bemannad 365 dagar om året. Då ett Securitas anslutet larm utlöses skickas det till Securitas larmcentral där deras erfarna larmoperatörer tar emot larmet och ser till att överenskommna åtgärder utförs.

Securitas ansvarar för Sveriges största väktarorginsation med ca 8400 anställda väktare. Väktarna genomgår en speciell väktarutbildning för att kunna hantera en stor variation av ärenden. Vid behov kan väktaren tillkalla polis eller brandkår och de står i ständig kontakt med larmcentralen